RESPONSE - walldrawing, Galerie der Stadt Kirchheim, solo show  

Response, Acryl auf Wand , 15m x 3,5m x 3,70m / Acrylic on Wall, 16.40 x 3.82 x 4.10 yards (falls nicht anders genannt Fotografie Frank Kleinbach, Detail rechts Foto Michael Göhlich)


Fotografie Michael Göhlich


  Parallax - walldrawings, Oberwelt e.V., Stuttgart, solo show  

Ansichten unterer Raum: "Italienisches Zimmer", Acryl auf Wand, 480 x 350cm / Views lower level: "Italien Room", Acrylic on Wall, 189'' x 138''





Fotografie Matthias Müller


Ansichten oberer Raum: "Stube", Acryl auf Wand, 480 x 350cm / Views upper level: "Parlor", Acrylic on Wall, 217'' x 118''




weitere Bilder zur Ausstellung hier / further images here (wenn nicht anders genannt Fotografie Mark Holzner)

  Zeichnung: Heute / Drawing: Today, Kunstverein Hochrhein, Bad Säckingen  

Three Movements, acrylic on paper, 163 x 380 cm, 64 x 150 in




Residency at Millay Colony of the Arts, Austerlitz, NY, USA
Olis and Overland, 2016, Acrylic on Paper, each 250 x 151 cm / 98.4 x 59.4 inches

Architecture related Sketches New York City (four pieces out of a 50 parts series), 2016,

wallpaint and ink on paper, each 8 x 6 inches





  Visiting Artist Residency at Trestle Gallery, Wall Drawing, Brooklyn Art Space, Oct 2016  

Hiding Place - walldrawing, 2016, acrylic on walls and ceiling, 508x636x381cm / 200x250x150 inches








special viewing, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, September 2016




installation view, works on paper



Escaping Lines I and II



Brooklyn Spaces I and II



Engraved Space 5, acrylic/paper, 122 x 350,5cm, 47.2 x 137.8 in and Parallax 3, acrlyic/paper, 297,5 x 151 cm, 117.13 x 59.5 in


Escaping Lines II and Engraved Space 5


Escaping Lines I, acrylic on paper, 302,7 x 151 cm, 119 x 59.5 inches



Escaping Lines II, acrylic on paper, 299 x 151 cm, 117.7 x 59.4 inches



Künstler der Region, Galerie der Stadt Wendlingen






in the grove, acrylic on paper, 2016, 79 x 60 inches


wind field, 2016, acrylic on paper, 79 x 60 inches

















waves, 2016, acrylic on paper, 79 x 60 inches



at water's edge (four parts piece), 2016, acrylic on paper, 156 x 117 cm, 61.4 x 46 inches