Pandemic Architectures

solo show 2023 at Anya and Andrew Shiva Gallery at John Jay College, New York City, June 29th through August 13th 2023 (more information here)


Pandemic Architectures, 2023, 93 prints, cardboard sculpture, Anya and Andrew Shiva Gallery, NYC

Since 2021 I have been intrigued by the outdoor dining sheds that had spread all over the city and how they contrast with the surrounding architectural environment. The dining sheds are temporary structures reflecting resilience and creativity. It is folk architecture.
The sculpture itself is an abstraction of a shed. It is not functional, not accessible. It is full size. One could say the shed has been moved from the street to the gallery. The sculpture inhabits the space between the factual dining sheds and the color field paintings of the sheds  
On one hand, the installation is a memento of the purportedly soon-to-disappear dining sheds. On the other hand, it could be understood as an ironic comment. One could wonder what kind of advertising is going on here.
I am concerned with the discourse about how and by whom public space is used. Within this work I understand the sheds as artifacts and as metaphors.
Photography: Jeanette Mey